Design & Creation

Design & Creation

Van Der Bauwede Genève jewellery

Because “sensuality” also spells “creativity”, Van Der Bauwede Genève has only one desire – to offer every woman just a little more pleasure. Based on animal or plant-life themes that are consistently trendy, glamorous and closely related to the art world, the jewellery collections reflect the brand’s non-conformist spirit through a blend of charisma, audacity and elegance. The design of Van Der Bauwede Genève jewellery and jewellery sets, epitomising absolute femininity, is revealed through the voluptuous volumes and powerful contrasts with exquisite gem-setting in a wealth of mysterious, enchanting and flamboyant colours. Whether in honour of a special event or for a simple dinner, the Van Der Bauwede Genève jewellery collections accompany you in step with your every desire, wherever the mood may take you.

Van Der Bauwede Genève watchmaking

Loyal to its innovative spirit developed over four generations, Van Der Bauwede Genève is determined to remain in sync with fashion and trends by drawing upon expertise handed down from father to son, while shaking up preconceived ideas. Its avant-garde, rebellious and yet timeless watch collections are designed to meet the most varied needs of a demanding and varied clientele with a distinctive personality. Associating high-tech materials with quatrz, self-winding or tourbillon  movements, Van Der Bauwede Genève watchmaking is a blend of technical and aesthetics, engineering and exclusivity. Featuring “tonneau” rectangular, round or square shapes and complemented by matching jewellery for women and accessories for men, our timepieces adjust and attach themselves to the wrist of wearers who show no wish to part with them!

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