Van Der Bauwede

Maxence Van Der Bauwede


Born on May 31st 1959 in Lille to a family of watch and jewellery makers where the tradition is passed from father to son, Maxence Van Der Bauwede was fascinated by creation from an early age. His favourite playground was his grandfather Michel’s workbench, in the basement of the family house with its typical 18th century Flemish architecture.

In parallel with his business studies, Maxence Van Der Bauwede gained experience in Paris in the biggest workshops at the time located on the Place Vendôme. By designing rings and working with metals, he developed a profound love of his work and forged links with the best specialists in the trade, strong characters who taught him the ins and outs of the business.

Graduating at 20 with a degree in marketing and business management, Maxence Van Der Bauwede rapidly developed an interest in the international environment, side by side with his creative aspirations. He left for New York and joined a workshop on the famous 45th Street, also active in the field of gemstone trading, where stiff competition made sales incredibly challenging. He lived through a period when the market was both rigorous and dynamic, as it was undergoing a major boom.

Subsequently, he left the East coast of the USA for the West coast where he completed his training in gemmology in Santa Monica.

With considerable experience under his belt, Maxence Van Der Bauwede moved to Geneva with the objective of developing the family business at the international level.

At the age of 25, he opened a watch and jewellery prototyping workshop and worked for the greatest jewellers on the Rue du Rhône.

From 1984 to 1990, Maxence Van Der Bauwede lived through luxury’s period of glory. Workshops were over-loaded, the Middle Eastern clientele soared to new heights, and he met and socialised with the wealthiest of the wealthy who passed through Geneva.

In 1986, he created his first collection named “Magnitude” which was totally avant-garde and involved shaping ceramics in collaboration with the aerospace industry.

1990 saw the opening of his first boutique in Geneva at the Rue de Rive, followed by “IVY”, the flagship collection which is today the signature of the brand, a powerful symbol of attachment and love. Van Der Bauwede Genève became an internationally renowned brand, and brought out “la touche insolente” – “new jewellery marrying fashion and trends”.

Today at the head of a human-sized company, Maxence Van Der Bauwede is pursuing the family tradition, in close collaboration with his team and supported by his wife, Stéphanie, who serves as Director of Marketing and Communication.

Twenty years after the opening of the boutique in Geneva, Van Der Bauwede is distributed all over the world through more than 200 points of sale.

Epicurean and part of a new breed of atypical “business man”, at once a trendsetter and a family man, Maxence Van Der Bauwede is a passionate man of action capable of passing on his knowledge, experience and creativity.

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