Van Der Bauwede Genève

Van Der Bauwede Genève


Since its creation in 1890, the name Van Der Bauwede has been synonymous with luxury. Initially, jewellery was created and sold for special occasions but after a while, the brand became a reference in the field and specialised in jewellery and diamonds. Accessible and trendy while remaining a valuable asset, it is undoubtedly this paradox that has led to the brand being dubbed anti-conformist. While perpetuating watch and jewellery know-how, Van Der Bauwede dared to shake up tradition and transform these trades exercised by passionate people into an art form closer to fashion. Van Der Bauwede Genève encourages you to take a journey through the world of luxury where creativity is filled with magic and sensuality without overlooking the irrevocable criteria of «Swiss Made» quality.


Bold, glamorous and avant-garde, the Van Der Bauwede Genève brand has always seen itself as a driver of new trends. Building on its identity, Van Der Bauwede Genève sees its role as that of an anti-conformist innovator while remaining close to human values. Concern for worthy causes leads the company to partner with a number of different charities and good works, donating all the funds raised at various auctions (for further information, please see


The design of Van Der Bauwede Genève jewellery is riveting due to its shapes and mysterious, flamboyant colours that are unfailingly irresistibly feminine for its lady clients but which retain a rebellious spirit for its gentleman followers. Be it animal or plant inspired, or more artistic and «showy», the universe of Van Der Bauwede Genève stands out for its charisma and aesthetic beauty.


Van Der Bauwede Genève has a team of passionately dedicated employees whose main quality is their versatility. Developed over time and enabling the company to keep to a human-sized structure, the team, located in Fleurier, cradle of Swiss watchmaking, and in Geneva, is always at the ready to respond to the needs of its clients and partners, and to offer top-quality services.


Perfectly reflecting the paradox of an innovative brand respectful of traditions, the Van Der Bauwede logo is made up of three strong, distinctive elements. The lion’s head is a symbol of strength and vitality, parallel with the mermaid’s tail that is a reminder of the sea and voyages and the city of Bruges, a strategic point in the age of the silk route. The triangle, a symbol of the diamond and Van Der Bauwede’s eternal emblem, is based on the concept of the trinity present over time. Its three tips symbolise past, present and future.

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